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Savory or Salmonella?

Protect your customers with reliable Food Rotation and Food Safety Labels.

Accurate tracking is your first level of protection in consumer food safety solutions.

Savory or  Salmonella

Food safety is more important now than ever to consumers whether you sell or prepare food. Datamax-O’Neil offers cost effective labeling solutions to the frequently complex and tedious problems of food safety. Datamax-O’Neil has developed 2 solutions to help you tackle food safety labeling cleanly and safely.

Dispersion Adhesive Labels

Sticks to ALL Surfaces and removes cleanly! Reuse again and again.

 Dispersion Adhesive Label sticks to a variety of surfaces and removes cleanly with no sticky residue left behind. It removes cleanly from plastic, glass, metal and more. Available in Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal print or simply write on the label with a permanent marker. Ideal for food containers, remove the label before washing without leaving any messy residue to save employees time and energy.

Water Dissolvable Labels

Dissolves in water within seconds!

Make food rotation a simpler process with Datamax-O'Neil's water dissolvable label that dissolves within seconds in water. Available in Thermal Transfer print or simply write on the label with a permanent marker. The label facestock and adhesive is designed to wash away in any temperature water with no sticky residue left behind.

Our durable, high quality Water Dissolvable Label and Dispersion Adhesive Label makes it convenient for temporary label applications such as:

  • Food tray markings & identification
  • Plastic containers
  • Color Coded Day of the Week Labels
  • Prep and Shelf Life Labels
  • Use By Labels
  • Use First and Use Last Labels
  • Product Date Labels
  • Tray Labeling